about this blog

It’s been a couple years since wrongly being told by big whig doctors that I have a gastrointestinal condition called SIBO, and I’m still living under this “IBS” umbrella.  I’ve learned a couple things through this whole experience.  Gut issues are no minor thing that just resolve themselves in a couple weeks, months, or even years.  And, the closer to the earth I eat the better I will feel.  And it’s kind of weird.  I’ve always loved eating, but this thing I have for cooking and food was amplified by my sickness.  This blog is a reflection of my borderline obsession (read: full-blown) for expressing myself through food.  It’s a catalogue of how I like to eat and cook.  A resource for others feeling swallowed up by a minutia of food allergies, gut issues, and nutrition in general.


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